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+ micro package 


Available in 1000L and Bulk

CalMag + micro package:         2-0-0        4%

CalMag + micro package:         4-0-0        9%

Soil CalMag + micro package   3-0-0        7%

Application Rates:

1-2L/acre 10 US GAL water 

Can be used with most pesticides. 

Apply early season and in 14 days intervals where calcium is deficient. 


What is CalMag?

CalMag is a combination of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) nutrients that are essential for plant growth and development. Calcium is vital for cell wall structure, root development, and nutrient uptake, while magnesium is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, enzyme activation, and photosynthesis. CalMag is commonly used as a supplement to correct mineral deficiencies in the soil. When plants lack these nutrients, they exhibit signs of stress such as yellowing of leaves, poor fruit development, and overall stunted growth. By providing CalMag supplements, farmers can enhance the quality and yield of their crops.



- Improved Plant Structure: Calcium strengthens cell walls, making plants more resistant to diseases and pests. It also promotes sturdy stem and root development.

- Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Adequate calcium levels in the soil facilitate the uptake of other essential nutrients by plants, ensuring balanced nutrition.

- Stress Resistance: CalMag helps plants cope with environmental stressors such as drought or excessive rainfall, making them more resilient to adverse conditions.

- Improved Crop Quality: Proper calcium and magnesium levels contribute to the overall quality of fruits and vegetables, affecting taste, texture, and nutritional content. They also promote healthy green leaves and efficient photosynthesis.

- Prevention of Disorders: CalMag supplementation can prevent disorders like blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers, which is caused by calcium deficiency.

- Balanced pH Levels: Calcium can help balance soil pH, creating a more favorable environment for plant growth.

- Optimal Photosynthesis: Magnesium is a central component of chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for photosynthesis. Farmers often conduct soil tests to determine the deficiency of these nutrients and then apply CalMag fertilizers accordingly. By addressing calcium and magnesium deficiencies, farmers can optimize their agricultural practices, leading to healthier crops and better yields.

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