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Slow Release N 2%Ca

+ micro package 

Available in 1000L and Bulk

N-slow release + micro pack 2% Ca:    27-0-2

N-slow release + micro pack 2% Ca:    24-0-2

Application Rates:

In soil application: 1-10 US GAL/acre 

Foliar application: 1-3 US GAL/acre with 10 US GAL water. 

Can be applied late season or used for split nitrogen applications. 

What is Slow Release N 2%Ca?

Slow release helps to provide a steady supply of nitrogen to plants over an extended period, reducing leaching and nutrient run off. Through the slow release of nitrogen, nutrient use efficiency can be improved, healthy plant growth promoted and reduce frequency of fertilizer application. Calcium compounds can be used to encapsulate nitrogen sources, forming a protective coating over the nitrogen molecules that slows down the release of nitrogen in the soil. 


- Sustained Nutrient Availability: Slow release gradually releases nitrogen to plants. This helps in preventing nutrient leaching and ensures plants have access to essential nutrients over time. 

- Improve Nutrient Uptake: The slow release enables plants to take up nutrients more effectively. This can result in improved yields and crop quality. 

- Enhanced soil Health: Slow release fertilizers can contribute to improvement of soil structure microbial activity over time. 

- Less Risk of Overfertilization: Since nutrients are released slow and steadily, there is less risk of overfertilizing plants.  

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