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Our Services


We have range of products to assist with nutrients, soil fertility, crop enhancements. 

Available Products

Crop Consulting

Farmers gain access to an expert in crop management, including crop varieties, soil and plant nutrients.  

Soil Sampling &

Soil sampling is the key to determining the issue of the crop and the lacking nutrients to know what product is needed. 


Tissue testing is used to diagnose nutrient deficiencies. 

Tissue Testing

Scouting & Field Notes

We will come out to scout and identify each fields needs for nutrient deficiencies, and soil fertility to increase the effectiveness of the nutrients supply at the right time and to enhance yields. 

Fertilizer Prescription

Part of a nutrient management plan to conduct fertilizer prescriptions and promote the growth and strength of the crop.

Prescribing fertilizer is associated with soil sampling and tissue testing to locate the lacking nutrients and find a solution to secure these deficiencies. 

Boots on Ground

Boots on Ground contains services such as soil sampling, tissue testing, scouting and consulting. After viewing the results, the fertilizer prescription will be determined, and products will be supplied. The yield dada analytics will be conducted if available to get another view for areas needing nutrients.

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